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Post  SharpShot1990 on Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:44 pm

name: Soki Akechi
age: 29
gender: male
powers: able to use oni armor's and weapon's abilities listed below
-blade (is beyond razor sharp and linked to wielder able to return at command)
-glasses (able to percept time as slowed down)
-armor (able to withstand an imense amount of pressure and grants flight by oni energy, and appears as samurai robes)
-swords (able to summon blades of oni energy from the demonic pack on his back and send them to target. they then hover and explode at wielders command)
-cloak (able to shift to astral plane)
-shoes (able to move at faster capabilities and jump higher)
-gauntlets (able to move hands at lightning fast reflexes and have grip of a crocadile's mouth)
weapons of choice: oni blade, oni glasses, oni armor, oni swords, oni cloak, oni shoes and oni gauntlets
looks: but with a demonic metal pack on right shoulder and a demonic style cloth cloak on him and wearing a demonic style robes
history: was born into the oni clans bloodline and when he was the appropriate age he was granted oni armor that harnessed the power of demons for good he was one day sent out to hunt demons and after the day of hunting he tried to take off his armor...but he couldnt for it was stuck on him not fused with his dna but stuck as if it was acting as a prasite to him. he now searches for a way to remove the armor and weapons but no1 trusts him because of how he looks

name: jin shamada
age: 28
gender: male
powers: sense life signatures, enchanted katanas of the elements
weapons of choice: 5 katanas
looks: but with 1 sword not 2
history: was trained by the lord himself in the ways of the samurai and given the 5 swords to use

name: isei taku
age: 22
gender: male
race: human
status: swordsman from the future
powers: advanced mechanical arm, advanced quality of sword, and trained in swordsmanship
weapon of choice: advanced quality of katana
history: killed 9 elite policemen in his time and made a nick in his weapon for each 1 he killed but turned a new leaf when his fathger was killed in front of his eyes and he was about to turn himself in but before he had a chance he was transported to the past and he know hides form society under a hooded cloak and as far as the world knows i am an average samurai in financial trouble hiding from the feds
pic: except wears modern day clothes and has mechanical arm twice as thick as other arm

name: kir zakane
age: 19
gender: male
race: human
status: thief living off whats stolen
powers: powers of the shadows
weapon of choice: daggers
history: was born on the street and left alone he lived off the what he had stole

name: kakach kokuji
age: 30
gender: male
powers: very fast and agile, great at unarmed combat, combat war expertise
weapons of choice: metal gauntlets and boots
looks: but with metal gauntlets and boots
history: trained since birth at unarmed combat and studied war combat strategies and keeps looking for a way to gain enlightenment

name: daemaon puresoul
age: 28
gender: male
powers: demon arm (hard demon skin, and claws for damage, can extend 20ft or summon a fist aside it of a demon that does all his arm does), demon eye (can percept time as slowed down monmentarily), demon ears (can hear at incredible rate), demon feet (increased speed and jumping capabilities), demon claw (can extend claw up to 60 feet straight line), demon blade (linked to wielder and can come back to wielder at command)
weapon of choice: dual dual bladed curved swords (like in picture)
looks: but with left arm with red skin on back of arm and underside of arm glowing light blue also has demon claws for fingers, right eye pure white blind in that eye, and right eye usually covered by eye patch but if revealed eye is red with blue center, ears as is in picture, and feet if revealed 3 toed clawed feet with red skin and black claws, middle finger of right hand is a red skinned black clawed demon finger and where demon components join with human body there are surgery marks
history: fought as demon hunter and when his girl he loved saw him attempting to kill her brther when he (the brother) attacked him first and he now works on adventure to try and clear his name in hopes he can get together with the girl he loves....the lord's daughter

name: metak kijosho
age: 21
gender: male
powers: metal skinned arm, forcefield shield, invisibility, split seconed glaive summoning, glaive thrown path manipulation, glaive elemental trap, elemental energy release, glaive grab
weapons of choice: katana, glaive
looks: (right arm) but wears cloth clothes with 1 shirt sleeve long and 1 shirt sleeve long and long sleeved arm gloved hiding all of right arm
history: was born and raised as an average child but 1 day was infected by something yet saw no effect until age 16. by then his right arm's skin had become hard leather and was feeling different. at age 17 his entire right arm was metal skinned and his arm felt different and over the years his powers were awoken and by he was 18 his parents were infected too and to them their skin were a hard leather and were pure evil monsters hunting flesh and was forced to kill his own parents. now he wanders town by town challenging ppl to hurt him in shots to the right arm with anything and winner gets the pot (the sum of what he got that day)

name: Nick Calhoune

age: 21

gender: male

race: human

abilities: to drive extremely well, make mechanical repairs and fixes extremely well, is very agile and fast, and embune his chips with the elements, summons and misc effects, able to block mind off from others, and a basic understanding of the martial arts.

possesions: cars with a built in weapons system that appears when activated and multiple cars hidden in underground garage as well as pokerchips as his weapons

story: has grown up in a family who loves gambling and learnt how to when he was about 8 years old. at 13 years old he found out about his strange power to enchant chips to do inhuman things of his choice and practiced that ability in secret. At age 18 when he got his first car he found out he has a natural ability to drive well and natural knowledge and skill for mechanical repairs and fixes. he then joined a undercover government organaization where he is seen as invisible to the government and chases and hunts down who he is sent to hunt down.

personality history: once a kind niave person in middle school but now to friends he is still kind but around enemies he becomes vengeful and angry, and around people he doesnt know, he is showoffy and cool acting but if they are a threat to him he is somewhat serious as well as showoffy and cool acting still.

looks: dark t-shirt, pants and open jacket with collar folded back, as well as steel toe shoes. wears mirrored sunglassess and when on the job he wears fingerless gloves making him overall look like a thug who should not be messed with.

name: Notaru Nikolai
age: 19
gender: male
race: human
powers: to conjur up beings of darkness and use darkness related powers, can short out lights with jsut a look, can see as clear as day in the darkness, can summon fleshy steel kind of armor over him
info: has a possessing spirit that takes control when its night and is around evil
weapons of choice: handguns, shotgun, dagger, m4 carbine
history: had made a deal with an entity of pure evil and for a moment the curse had taken control of him but fought it and made a deal when he was in control and now ever since he ditched the personality of the darkness curse but kept the powers and regained another personality that appear swhenever hes around evil at night.
personality: split personality, cold demonic law abiding to a degree, second personality is fair, hates evil, haes violence
weakness: can only use his powers in the dark
forms: normal my characters Fario (except minus glasses and at night around evil my characters TheDarknessTopCowbynebezial

name:jack giesbrecht
powers:control over light and fire when in first persona, when in second persona has 2 demon snake heads by his head and can summon minions of darkness (gunner, berserker, kamikaze, etc) and control of darkness as well as extreme precision accurate gunslinging skills
personality:kind, hates to fight, prefers to shoot a camera rather than a gun and has never shot a gun in his life as first persona, as second persona cold, cruel, full of desire for revenge, and prefers to shoot a gun rather than a camera
weapon of choice: first persona uses fists and self defence martial arts, second persona uses guns and dark minions and demon heads and tails as weapons
story: loves to take pictures and works as a freelance photographer but when he was born he had a second persona born with him with a dark power that breaks out usually at night and for a while at some moments

name:derik "the beast" martinez
age: 21
job:ufc welterweight champion known worldwide
powers: will post when used
personality: varies but mostly nice and kind but competitive in the octagon
weapon of choice: fists
story: will post when used
looks: like guy on right but dressed normally and without fighting gloves when not in the ring or training

name:Kambei Akechi
age: 30
gender: male
rank: leader of akechi clan
w.o.c.: katana
story: was born as previous leaders son and appointed heir to the title then became leader and 1 day met and captured the black fang clan but learned the truth of them and let them go letting the leader(s) know they were their ally
looks: akechi clan royalty robes with 2 katanas at waist and scars over limbs (picture supplied when used)

name: (hero name) isei (real name) cid long
age: 20
gender: male
race: human
powers: inhuman strength, speed, accuracy, and agility. can drive extremely well, and can use wepaons as if trained since birth as well as create a perfect clone once a day, and to change appearance to another look
weapons of choice: guns
history: will develop
personality: honor bound
pic: (when fighting)

(when not fighting)

name: kir taken
age: 25
gender: male
powers: ghost form, fast and agile, knowledge of vitals
looks: look like a moderatly rich peasent with heirloom shoulder armor of sorts, when on the job looks like a ninja assassin wielding claws from bracers on his wrists
history: witnessed his mother killed at age 10 and trained in the way of the assassin via his dad to get revenge...upon getting revenge he had disapeared and was invisible and in ghost form for 3 days. by the time he was visible again his father had been killed and now he hunts as an assassin (known as the "clawed assassin" aka killer of millions) and hunts for his dads killer and thinks he has no family and he trusts the authorities knowing the police who did nothing about his mothers death are corrupt
weapons of choice: claws from bracers on wrists

name: lucifer dark
age: 16
gender: male
powers: powers of the element, aura of the elemental, enraged aura (barbarian rage), knowledge of vitals, heavenly demon saber style
looks: fallen angel form with 8 wings all of the elements but 8th is grey, wears black robes and a black hat van helsing style, with 2 sabers at wiast and daggers underneath sleeves of robes
history: witnessed his mother killed at age 1 and is secretly kir's step brother (same mom diff dad) and when he saw this he trained under his dad a heavenly demon clan decendant assassin and went to kill the killer of his mom but failed in finding him, when he returned his father was killed and he snapped discovering his inhuman fo0rm and powers. he then killed the killer and searched out for the last of his family and has recently heard of an assasin nicknamed "the clawed assassin"
weapons of choice: duel wielding sabers, and throwing daggers

name: Matthew Ace
age: 23
gender: male
powers: great strength, agility, and pain tolerance, heightened senses, and ability to absorb life force from spilled blood
looks: will find pic when used but has a device on his left wrist and device on back of wiast that seems to store something (if past era its a tattoo with demonic combined with tribal style on back instead)
history: when he joined a war he was given a new device (or tattoo) and he found he was strogner, faster, more aware, and can take more pain but felt as his scource of power (or energy) was depleting he felt drained and was informed that this scource of power is now his life if he were to run out he would first get shooting pain through his body, then it would mess with his mind, and then the third and final stage....death. he know searches for a reason to use this power for good while he is alive.
weapons of choice: morning star on chains (or guns and mechs if its modern)


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Post  SharpShot1990 on Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:42 pm

Name: Wuyenjia Takachi
Age: 17
Gender: male
W.o.c.: sword (any kind)
Abilities: to wield any type of sword exceptionally well
Story: trained in swordplay since 10 years by his uncle and raised by his mother, father was unknown for all his life. Uncle was 1 day poisoned by assassins and Wu then bowed in honor, grabbed his uncles sword and ran to defend his mother
But before he could react to an attack he blacked out and awoke next to his mothers corpse with the logo of a black fang clan logo drawn in her blood. He searched out the black fang clan in hope to join carrying a seal left by the assassins looking like a sword with a snake wrapped around the sword to remind him of what they did.
Looks: warriors robes and a cloth wrapped around several swords in their sheathes as well as 11 swords on him in sight, 1 on each thigh, 1 on each foreleg, 1 on each hip, 1 on each fore arm, 2 on back, and 1 on back waist horizontally.

Name: Lokutai Demondai
Age: 20
Gender: male
W.o.c. Axes
Abilities: to wield axes exceptionally well
Story: never known birth parents, raised by a woman as if he was her own, he lived with her in a happy blissful life. One day a barbarian army attacked the village without warning. In confusion he searched for his mother but was found nowhere. Then when he gave up hope he vowed to get his revenge when he saw a 2 handed double edged war axe and 2 hatchets then picked them up to search for the barbarians but was found my the black fang clan recruiter and recruited as head axeman.
Looks: 2 handed double edged war axe on back and 2 hatchets on waist. Wears traditional warrior robes and carries pendant around neck given to him by his mother before she went missing.

Name: Taiyasho Saiga
Age: 25
Gender: male
W.o.c. muskets and hand guns (old style in time of muskets)
Abilities: to reload rather rapidly and shoot extremely accurately
Story: was leader of Saiga gun squad but squad was killed and village was torched to ground. Left alone Taiyasho wandered for a reason to live and soon attempted to kill self but was stopped by Yashi the clan recruiter and recruited as head gunner.
Looks: traditional Saiga gun squad robs worn, musket on back, and 4 hand guns on self 1 on each hip and 1 under each arm. Bullet wounds on arms, shoulders and 1 an inch from a vital spot in neck.

Name: Yashi Tatachi
Age: 30
Gender: male
W.o.c. none
Abilities: to sense powers within targets as well as life signatures
Story: never known any family but knew there was somewhere out there. One day found a house full of who turned out to be family and close friends of the family 1 member rather frightened that he came. After a while of family bonding he woke up to be shooed out of the home cruelly and angrily for some reason. So he wandered finding a piece of paper in his pocket and it read find ur nephew*indescribable scribble* so he searched for his nephew and was found by Yasho Maruto of the black fang clan as leader and let him join as recruiter. (Yashos uncle without either knowing it)
Looks: wears samurai robes as an ex-samurai kicked out at first day of training for an odd reason and has a scar near heart area.

Name: Lokino Lokutsu
Age: 50
Gender: male
W.o.c. magic
Abilities: can cast magic in chosen domain (non elemental domain)
Story: Was shunned for using magic as it was known as the devils power in his family and ran away upset and angry as a child when he was yelled at for reading about magic and grew up mastering his magic performing while casting for money until found by Yashi and recruited him as the head caster.
Looks: wears elders robes and looks rather old, usually hunched over with hands behind back and carries a bag with all his supplies in the bag

Name: Kudoko Kakatai (hes a black wolf)
Age: unknown
Gender: male
W.o.c. claws and mouth
Abilities: can summon a squad of black wolves under his command with a howl
Story: was Yashos pet black wolf pup when Yasho lived in his home village but when Yasho was kicked he had followed him loyally even through some odd changes without knowing it when he lost trail of his master and aged in search of Yasho but strangely lived longer than the average wolf. 10 years later he had found Yasho and they had met on odd terms at first but soon got along like a dog and his owner happily did
Looks: black wolf with grey stomach fur

Name: Taiyamo Toyatomi
Age: 19
Gender: male
W.o.c. none
Abilities: can build and repair multiple things extremely well
Story: worked for the toyatomi army building war machines but one day when he made 1 mistake he was sentenced to death but ran before he went through the execution swearing hed get his revenge one day. Was found by Yashi one day and recruited as the much needed head worker
Looks: wears casual robes and carries his tools and supplies in a bag he carries around and has scars from construction in mid war.

Name: Yatashi Yazaki
Age: 19
Gender: male
W.o.c. none
Abilities: able to create concoctions to do non lethal affects most of the time curing ailments
Story: mother was said to have died giving birth and rasied by war hungry father who constantly tried to get his son Yatashi to follow in his foot steps. Yatashi secretly practiced the art of making medicinal mixtures and one day dragged along to watch a fight his father went in and soon after his father won they celebrated all but Yatashi ignoring the fact his father had an irregular wound swelling. After a few days his father laid down on his deathbed and confessed he knew of his secret practice in the art of medicinal mixtures and immediately Yatashi tried and tried to cure his father but failed every time. His father said as his last words to his son dont end up like me son. After a 3 day mourning time he left his home town to fulfill his vow of healing all he could and never to fight and was soon found and recruited into the black fang clan.
Looks: wears his fathers war robes and carries all medicinal supplies in a bag with his fathers last words written on the bag dont end up like me son -Yikezine Yazaki. (his father was a famous war hero known nation wide)


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