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Post  Admin on Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:42 pm

A military prisoner (a furry)is being escorted to a military prison on the planet Zoltex from the planet Earth. She is a dangerous prisoner wanted for murder and espionage.

[+] Name: Fallon Murphy
- Nickname: L. T. or Lieutenant

[+]Job: Military Officer

[+] Race: Furry (wolf)

[+] Age: 25
- Date of Birth: April 16, 1984

[+] Appearance: human like with ears and tail of a wolf.
- Eye Color: Green
- Hair Color: Black
- Weight: 125
- Height: 5 ft. 4 in.

[+] Gender: Female
- Sexuality: Straight

[+] Alignment: Evil

[+] Location: Fort Dix Air Force Base, Earth
- Birth Place: Zoltex

[+] Weapons: What weapons your Character currently has.
- 1:Military issue handgun
- 2:Military issue grenades
- 3:Military issue rifle w/bayonet

[+] Techniques: What special powers you Character has.
- 1: elemental magic
- 2: shape shifting ability

[+] Transformation: What you Character can change into.
- 1:can change from a furry to an upright wolf
- 2:can change into a 4 legged wolf

[+] Transportation: What you Character uses to get from A to B.
- 1:foot/paws
- 2:motorized vehicles
- 3:bicycle

[+] Armor: What you Character uses to protect him/her self.
- 1:bullet proof vest
- 2:agility

[+] Items: What you Character has.
- 1:Military issued weapons
- 2:Dog Tags
- 3:Walkman Cd player

Lieutenant Murphy was being shackled to get ready for her trip to Zoltex. She awaited her guard to escort her there.


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